General Waste

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BNL’s fleet of RELs mobilized around the island, deployed at scheduled intervals to ensure our clients have their waste cleared punctually.

Industrial & Bulky Waste

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BNL’s fleet of heavy duty open top containers (OTC) with varying depth to meet your disposal requirements in all situations.

Recycling Waste

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Recyclables require special care, sorting and containment units that we are able to deploy at your specified locations.

Biohazardous Waste

biohazardous waste

BNL ensures safe and compliant disposal, safeguarding public health and the environment for a cleaner, healthier future.

Food Waste

food waste

We oversee the responsible disposal of expired food waste, emphasizing eco-friendly practices to reduce environmental impact and encourage sustainable waste management.

Sludge Waste


From wastewater treatment, sludge waste with solids. Our specialized services ensure eco-compliant disposal, meeting strict standards for sustainability.