Ensuring that your lawn remains lush and well maintained is no easy feat, which is why BNL’s specialised turf team is the perfect solution to help you keep it in the best state possible.

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Robotic Mower

We introduce our innovative robotic mower that will transform your lawn care experience. Our robotic mower combines cutting-edge technology, convenience, and efficiency to give you a beautifully maintained lawn with minimal effort.


Have a patch of bare land you want to do a makeover for? Get in touch with our team at BNL so we can recommend the best type of turf that fits what you imagine to be!



Is your turf not doing too well? Let our team come in to reinstate and get your lawn back to its pristine condition!

Soil Works

Keeping your garden lush is not just about the plants, but it is also about soil science. Maintaining balance of the type of soil and plants is crucial for the longevity of your garden. Get in touch with our specialists at BNL and let us do the work for you.

soil works

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