Horticulture waste

Horticulture waste involves organic residues such as plant trimmings and leaves. Proper management involves employing eco-friendly techniques such as composting. The compost not only enhances soil structure but also improves water retention and nutrient levels, promoting overall soil health. 

horticulture waste
soil waste

Soil Waste

Our company is fully equipped to handle the collection of soil waste from your site or facility. We understand the importance of efficient waste management and are committed to providing you with a hassle-free experience. Our experienced professionals will work closely with your team to ensure a smooth coordination and timely collection of the soil waste.

Construction waste

In the realm of environmental solutions, our company adeptly manages hardcore and construction waste. This includes materials such as concrete, bricks, stones, wood, metals, and plastics generated from building and demolition activities. Our commitment lies in employing eco-friendly disposal and recycling practices, working towards a greener and more sustainable approach to construction waste management.

construction waste

Furniture Waste

By partnering with us for your furniture waste management needs, you can rely on our expertise, efficient processes, and commitment to sustainability. Together, we can reduce waste, promote reuse and recycling, and minimize the environmental impact of furniture waste.

Destruction Service

Choose sustainability with our Destruction Service, where responsible dismantling and advanced recycling redefine waste management. Meticulous handling of concrete debris ensures an environmentally conscious approach for a more resourceful and eco-friendly solution.

destruction services
electronics waste

Electronics Waste

We handle the collection, recycling, and responsible disposal of electronic devices to protect the environment and human health. Our expert team ensures safe dismantling and recycling of components, extracting valuable materials while handling hazardous substances responsibly. Choose BNL to promote sustainability and reduce the environmental footprint of electronic waste.

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